Our Mission

Our mission is to breakdown the barriers between you and the nutrients you need. Whether that means producing vegan friendly plant based products or simply ensuring every supplement is irresistibly delicious - we carefully consider every composition to ensure that getting your nutrients has never been such an effortless joy. 

Our expertise is derived from a variety of fields from nutrient research, global pharmaceutical companies, and everyday interests in health and wellness. We've been working across the pharmaceutical and wellbeing industries to meet customers needs for over 40 years. Through our experiences we bring best practices in formulation, manufacturing, and safety in preventative health products. We embrace the science behind our products and ensure that we are transparent in providing a wealth of knowledge about each and every constituent. What you see on the label, is exactly what you get.


Our Values

We have a core set of values which drive the way we work: from everyday interactions with our customers to the formulation of our products.


Passion drives us in the pursuit of accessible health and wellbeing for our customers. It's at the core of everything we do. We build strong relationships with others who share this passion.

Focused on delighting

We strive to serve to delight our customers in every interaction they have with us and our products. That means learning from their experiences and focusing our products to meet their needs. 

Knowledgeable and creative

Consider us your learned, nutrition obsessed friend. Each of our vitamin supplements begins with a deep knowledge of each nutrient, studied to ensure our products are rich in benefits.

Diverse by nature

We're a global company with people of multiple worldviews. We build relationships and embrace differences to build a better path forwards for everyone we work with. 


What's on the label is exactly what you get. Our products are designed with a high level of knowledge for optimal safety and efficacy in mind.

Socially responsible

We ensure that each product is transparent in every way - so that you can trust what's on the label is what's on the inside- nothing added, or taken away.